My backstory

For the first part of my career I was involved in the fashion industry as a designer, before transitioning to fine arts. Training first at the Julian Ashton Art School I subsequently obtained my undergraduate degree from the College of Fine Arts (majoring in painting), and then a Master of Studio Art and a Master of Fine Art from Sydney College of the Arts.

Painting makes up part of my current practice, which also incorporates the use of photography and textiles where these media can influence the evolution of ideas and creative processes. In recent years I was privileged to attend an artist residency that included an indigo workshop in Japan, and from that experience and that of several other visits, I have been especially influenced by the Japanese concept of wabi sabi and the empathic approach of the Japanese to material life and the processes of ageing and decay.

Artist statement

My practice seeks to mine and unpack the pearls and discomforts of memory: triggers, interpretations and the ways these can be felt and depicted visually. Particularly important to me is the dissonance that occurs during the process of recall. Through introspection I am often influenced by nuances of memory and feeling: the engagement between the felt and the seen, that can then be released into my work. As a meditation on age, mortality and evolution, my work suggests an appreciation of how changes in time can be manifest in places and objects.

I love to use textiles, especially old ones with an embedded history, often as a starting point, and combine them with photography and/or painting to express the, often complex, layers and textures of their material structure, and how the story of their users can be sensed within the warp and weft of the fabric.