International Women’s Day Art Prize, See Street Gallery, 2014

07.03.14 to 22.03.14

See Street Gallery, Meadowbank, Sydney.


WINNER – International Women’s Day Art Prize 2014


I made this work using a manual film camera and a liquid-filled lens, which I made myself.

The image is of a letter that was written to my father by my maternal grandmother after the funeral of her husband. It was written to thank him for allowing my mother to travel interstate and stay with her for an extended period during their initial phase of mourning, leaving him to care for my brother and me as young children.

As the liquid lens manipulated the letter’s colour and clarity, I chose to highlight some of the words by embroidering the paper with my grandmother’s handwriting. Yarn from the embroidered text falls from the words like the tears that were no doubt shed as she wrote this letter.

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