Lines of Communication, Incinerator Art Space, 2014

29.10.14 to 16.11.14

Incinerator Art Space

2 Small St Willoughby Sydney NSW


Like a worn and discarded garment the traces of human touch evident in a handwritten message can bear some ephemeral memory of a life. Just as a piece of clothing can take on the odour and even shape of a person, the gestures in handwriting reflect a unique individuality.

These elements constitute the starting point for Lines of Communication, a photographic exhibition that examines the combination of these two aspects of memory in another context. Reflecting on written communications during traumatic times between servicemen, their comrades and loved ones, this exhibition journeys from the First World War through to the conflict in Afghanistan.

Photography of original documents and images from the State Library of NSW and the Australian War Memorial in Canberra, together with hand stitching, and vintage textiles converge in Lines of Communication to contemplate expression through hand and typewritten text, memory, life and loss.


Never Easy essay by Anne Ferran, August 2014


Photographs: Marty Lochmann

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