Sighting Memory, Gaffa, 2017

17.08.17 to 28.08.17


Joint exhibition with Sepideh Farzam.

Identity and relationships, memory and emotion: some of the most explored themes in contemporary society. Observations of human relationships: deep, body-embedded memories of personal experiences. Combine these subjects with the re-use of old textiles and you have a contemplative and sensitive appraisal of life.

Sighting Memory is a joint exhibition of new work by artists Rhonda Pryor and Sepideh Farzam, opening in gallery 2 at Gaffa in Sydney’s CBD on 17 August.

Human beings long for connection. The ability of cloth to hold traces of direct personal contact make it perfect memory stuff. It can hold traces of body shape, show unique signs of wear by its user, even bear an individual’s DNA. This exhibition demonstrates what a fascinating substance cloth is to work with.

Both artists, while working across several disciplines, appreciate the significance of textiles and their ability to trigger a memory response. Fragments of old, worn clothing combine with other materials to draw attention to the uniqueness and intimacy of human ties and the feelings they spark. With a keen sensitivity to observation, Sighting Memory explores these themes in an abstract way, addressing identity and referencing portraiture.



281 Clarence Street, Sydney, NSW 2000


Photography: Marty Lochmann

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