Stories We Tell Ourselves, 541 Art Space, 2018

31.08.18 to 22.09.18

541 Art Space

Level 1, 541 Kent Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000

31 August to 22 September 2018


Stories We Tell Ourselves – memory and textiles


This body of work examines the relationship between worn and discarded textiles, their emotional associations with memory, and the narratives they generate. Each piece represents a unique story, imperfectly remembered, translated into ‘pictures’ of moments in time, and readings of relationships.

The interior of a garment holds the intimacy of the individual who wore it. Stains, fading, holes…the poetry of decay: all are important in my contemplation of memory. The mark of the hand and the imperfections of being human are central to my creative practice.


Photographs: John McRae

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